Making and reporting to higher authorities the mid- and long-term plans for urban construction and housing construction; examination and approval of proposals , feasibility studies and annual plans for urban construction projects and housing construction projects ; management of funds for urban maintenance;
--collection and management of government funds for urban water supply facilities and gas supply facilities;
--comprehensive statistics of the construction system.

 —examination and approval of preliminary designs for large and medium sized industrial and civil buildings and municipal works ;
-- organizing bid invitation for design schemes;
--organizing examination of construction drawings

--organizing and coordinating public utility construction, housing construction and auxiliary project constructions;
--coordinating and directing key project constructions;
--directing the construction of county seats, organic towns, villages and towns;
--management of and supervision over the exploration and design quality, project quality, construction safety and construction site.

—making development plan for urban water supply, gas supply, heat supply and public transport (including taxi); and drafting relevant policies, laws and regulations, and detailed rules for their implementation;
--trade management of urban water supply, gas supply , heat supply and public transport (including taxi);
--examination and approval of the qualifications of urban central heat supply enterprises;
--directing the work regarding urban drainage , road, bridge and highway ;
--organizing flood prevention work for urban area;
--management of ground water resources, water saving and settlement control in urban area
(i.e. areas within the outer Ring road and under the urban planning of Tanggu, Hangu and Dagang Districts)

—making development plan for construction industry;
--working out laws and regulations as well as detailed rules for their implementation;
--supervision over, inspection and management of the construction market, (referring to the exploration , design, construction and supervision in aspect of civil engineering, building construction, decoration and finishing , equipment installation , pipe laying, gardening and greening , as well as such activities as the processing and manufacturing of building components and pumpconcrete;
-- examination and approval of construction enterprise qualifications (including decoration exterprises ) and construction supervisors qualifications;
--examination and approval of the the construction brigades in entering Tianjin for construction business from other countries, provinces and cities;
--qualifications administration of the exploration and design units and intermediary service agencies in the field of construction industry;
--administration of the business activities of the exploration and design units and construction supervisors in Tianjin from ther countries, provices and cities
-- administration of construction cost;
--administration of and supervision over project bidding and project contract

 -- real estate trade management;
--examination and approval of real estate enterprise qualifications;
--drafting laws and regulations and detailed rules for their implementation for real estate industry;
--overall organization and coordination of urban construction and redevelopment.

--making development plan for building materials industry;
--drafting laws and regulations and detailed rules for their implementation for building materials industry;
--building materials trade management;
--directing the work relating building material market;
--walling materials innovation;
--popularization of bulk cement,pumpconcrete and new building materials.

--supervision over the state assets of the construction system;
--directing the economic restructuring and economic management of the construction system.

--making aseismatic planning and calamity precaution planning;
--drawing up aseismatic and calamity precaution laws and regulations as well as detailed rules for their implementation;
--organzing the examination and approval of the aseismic design of high-rise buildings in excess of the height limitation;
--organizing and coordinating the aseismic strengthening work.

--making scientific and technical development plan for the construction system;
--organizing and directing the scientific research and the popularization of scientific and technical achievements;
--directing the training of professionals and working staff;
--making information development plan for the construction system;
--synthesizing, coordinating and directing the information work of the construction system;
--management of the construction information system and the info-port.

-- making export-onented economy development plan for the construction system;
--overall coordination of foreign affairs, foreign economy and foreign investment of the construction system

--coordinating and directing the construction management of the districts and counties;
--directing the work of associations, societies, and research institutes in the construction system..

Tianjin Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission
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